About Tower Clock

Locating in the birthplace of China¡¯s timepiece industry, we¡¯re as well dedicative to the R & D of the high-technology precise time products and have made great achievements, we have successfully built a lot of important projects for our clients both domestic and abroad.

Our products are covering wide ranges of specialty clocks, including tower/building clocks, Master/Slave clock system/controller, floral clocks, LED Digital clocks, tide clocks, worldtime clocks, calendar clocks, count-down clocks, street clocks, operation clocks, Subway clocks and navigation precise chronometer¡­etc., and we also supply 3 series over twenty varieties of specialty clocks¡¯ movements and other relevant movement, all our products are up to international grade, with the advantage of national inspection-free.

Our big specialty clocks control system are with high degree of intelligence, strong reliability, wide variety, and with the function of driving, time proofreading, testing, illuminating, chiming, prolonged power outages and remote control for time adjustment, etc¡­., they are with the following ten automatic control function:

a) Automatic adjustment to the working accuracy
b) Automatic equalize the indication error
c) Automatic show to the working state
d) Automatic correcting time¡¯s going
e) Automatic check-up working failure
f) Automatic alarm the running-time error
g) Automatic conversion the double set control
h) Automatic trace the time and memory time when power breaks
i) Automatic adjustment to the illumination/music chime area
j) Automatic switch AC/DC power

The movements for specialty clocks¡¯ application are our soul and competitive products, we are the 1st company for the application for this kind of movement, and obtain the state patent among the same industry in our country, the movement we producing adopt the advanced Japanese technology, and designed by our state senior engineer, developed by the senior technologist and assembled by the senior technician, which has reached the international advanced level, they are favorite and well received by a lot of buyers from different countries and districts all over the world.

Our movements are with its unique particular characteristics, having the features of high working precision, smoothly & steadily running state and much longer life, and also with the excellence of lower noise, complete closed- in, big torque, self-locking ability, very simple structure for easy installation and maintenance.

Other technical data are available upon your requests, your own designs are also welcomed by us, we could customize products according to your requests, ours are the best organization team, with high sense of responsibility and sincerity to our clients , our high quality products, best service, fast delivery time and excellent after-sale service make us out of ordinary as we are, working with us would make your work and business more easy and prosperous, we're happy to serve you in any way you may need.